Current research (selection)

Unfamiliar Family Firms, w/ Mario Daniele Amore and Orsola Garofalo

Family Ownership and Trust During a Financial Crisis, w/ Mario Daniele Amore  WP: SSRN  Media: NadaesGratis

The Pressure behind Corporate Social Performance: Ownership and Institutional Configurations, w/ Kurt Desender  OldWP

Household Credit, Global Financial Cycle, and Macroprudential Policies, w/ Irina Mihai, Camelia Minoiu and José-Luis Peydró  SSRN or IMF WP

Being Central on the Other Side of the Fence: Corporate Funds in the Traditional Venture Capital Club, w/ Samuele Murtinu and Martí Guasch

Journal publications

Epure, M., and M. Guasch. 2019. Debt Signaling and Outside Investors in Early Stage Firms. Forthcoming in the Journal of Business Venturing. Publisher  SSRN  Blog

LópezPuertas-Lamy, M., K. Desender, and M. Epure. 2017. Corporate Social Responsibility and the Assessment by Auditors of the Risk of Material Misstatement. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 44(9-10), 1276-1314. Publisher

Epure, M. 2016. Benchmarking for Routines and Organizational Knowledge: A Managerial Accounting Approach with Performance Feedback. Journal of Productivity Analysis 46(1), 87-107. Publisher  SSRN

Epure, M., D. Prior, and C. Serarols. 2016. Assessing Technology-based Spin-offs from University Support Units. Regional Studies 50(3), 411-428. Publisher  SSRN

Epure, M., and E. Lafuente. 2015. Monitoring Bank Performance in the Presence of Risk. Journal of Productivity Analysis 44(3), 265-281. Publisher  SSRN

Epure, M., K. Kerstens, and D. Prior. 2011. Technology-Based Total Factor Productivity and Benchmarking: New Proposals and an Application. Omega – The International Journal of Management Science 39(6), 608-619. Publisher  SSRN

Epure, M., K. Kerstens, and D. Prior. 2011. Bank Productivity and Performance Groups: A Decomposition Approach Based upon the Luenberger Productivity Indicator. European Journal of Operational Research 211(3), 630-641. Publisher  SSRN

Johannisson, B., L. Centeno Caffarena, A.F. Discua Cruz, M. Epure, E. Hormiga Pérez, M. Kapelko, K. Murdock, D. Nanka-Bruce, M. Olejárová, A. Sanchez Lopez, A. Sekki, M.C. Stoian, H. Tötterman, and A. Bisignano. 2007. Interstanding the Industrial District: Contrasting Conceptual Images as a Road to Insight. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 19(6), 527-554. Publisher

Other publications

Epure, M., and T. Sohl. 2017. Disruptive Business Model Integration: Implications for the Established Business. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Publisher

Epure, M., and M. Guasch. 2016. Attracting Early Stage Investors: Is Debt a Deterrent or an Incentive? Academy of Management Best Paper ProceedingsLong WP

Desender, K., and M. Epure. 2015. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Performance: Boards, Ownership and Institutions. Academy of Management ProceedingsOld WP

Teaching cases published in Arruñada, B. 2013. Empresa, mercado e instituciones. Civitas-Thomson Reuters.

Chapter in competitiveness report requested by the Catalan R&D agency on the analysis and impact of spin-off firms from a technology transfer network placed at universities, 2009. Related paper

Epure, M., and D. Prior. 2007. Strategic Paths and Productivity in the Spanish Savings Banks. In Improving Business Reporting: New Rules, New Opportunities, New Trends. Milano. Chapter 25, 661-689.

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