Current research

The Governance behind Corporate Social Responsibility: Ownership Concentration and Institutional Configurations, with Kurt Desender  OldWP

Family Ownership and Trust During a Financial Crisis, with Mario Daniele Amore  WP: SSRN  Media: NadaesGratis
   • Nominated for the best paper award at 2018 International Corporate Governance Society (ICGS)

Information Asymmetry Reduction in Opaque Contexts: Evidence from Debt and Outside Equity Financing in Early Stage Firms, with Martí Guasch  WP: SSRN  Media: BGSE Focus

Unfamiliar Family Firms, with Mario Daniele Amore and Orsola Garofalo

Household Credit, Global Financial Cycle, and Macroprudential Policies: Credit Register Evidence from an Emerging Country, with Irina Mihai, Camelia Minoiu and José-Luis Peydró  SSRN or IMF WP

Incumbent Reactions to Business Model Innovation, with Olivier Bertrand and Timo Sohl

Journal publications

LópezPuertas-Lamy, M., K. Desender, and M. Epure. 2017. Corporate Social Responsibility and the Assessment by Auditors of the Risk of Material Misstatement. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 44(9-10), 1276-1314. Publisher

Epure, M. 2016. Benchmarking for Routines and Organizational Knowledge: A Managerial Accounting Approach with Performance Feedback. Journal of Productivity Analysis 46(1), 87-107. Publisher  SSRN

Epure, M., D. Prior, and C. Serarols. 2016. Assessing Technology-based Spin-offs from University Support Units. Regional Studies 50(3), 411-428. Publisher  SSRN

Epure, M., and E. Lafuente. 2015. Monitoring Bank Performance in the Presence of Risk. Journal of Productivity Analysis 44(3), 265-281. Publisher  SSRN

Epure, M., K. Kerstens, and D. Prior. 2011. Technology-Based Total Factor Productivity and Benchmarking: New Proposals and an Application. Omega – The International Journal of Management Science 39(6), 608-619. Publisher  SSRN

Epure, M., K. Kerstens, and D. Prior. 2011. Bank Productivity and Performance Groups: A Decomposition Approach Based upon the Luenberger Productivity Indicator. European Journal of Operational Research 211(3), 630-641. Publisher  SSRN

Johannisson, B., L. Centeno Caffarena, A.F. Discua Cruz, M. Epure, E. Hormiga Pérez, M. Kapelko, K. Murdock, D. Nanka-Bruce, M. Olejárová, A. Sanchez Lopez, A. Sekki, M.C. Stoian, H. Tötterman, and A. Bisignano. 2007. Interstanding the Industrial District: Contrasting Conceptual Images as a Road to Insight. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 19(6), 527-554. Publisher

Other publications

Epure, M., and T. Sohl. 2017. Disruptive Business Model Integration: Implications for the Established Business. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. Publisher

Epure, M., and M. Guasch. 2016. Attracting Early Stage Investors: Is Debt a Deterrent or an Incentive? Academy of Management Best Paper ProceedingsLong WP

Desender, K., and M. Epure. 2015. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Performance: Boards, Ownership and Institutions. Academy of Management ProceedingsOld WP

Teaching cases published in Arruñada, B. 2013. Empresa, mercado e instituciones. Civitas-Thomson Reuters.

Chapter in competitiveness report requested by the Catalan R&D agency on the analysis and impact of spin-off firms from a technology transfer network placed at universities, 2009. Related paper

Epure, M., and D. Prior. 2007. Strategic Paths and Productivity in the Spanish Savings Banks. In Improving Business Reporting: New Rules, New Opportunities, New Trends. Milano. Chapter 25, 661-689.


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