Media highlights

How costly and effective have relief mechanisms been in alleviating the effects of the pandemic?, 2022
Do Owners Pressure for More or Less Corporate Social Performance?, Strategic Management Society Explorer, 2020
How Effective Start-up Governance Attracts Investors, Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog, 2020
Attracting Early Stage Investors through an Effective Start-up Governance, BSM blog, 2019
reprint TiSEM blog, 2020, versiones cast/cat UPF frontpage , 2020
La organización de la empresa familiar y confianza durante una crisis, Nada es Gratis, 2018
How Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Audit Fees, Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog, 2017
Predicting football knock-out ties: in Evenimentul zilei, and Cotidianul, 2007

Does syndication with reputable independent venture capitalists ease the pursuit of strategic goals by corporate venture capitalists? Find out in this conversation on our Epure-Guasch-Murtinu paper:

Other media mentions

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