This section contains media mentions of my research and teaching, and some random stuff that I find entertaining or useful. Please e-mail if links are broken.

Media mentions

How can private investors probe into the opaque start-up?, Barcelona GSE Focus, 2017
On professional services contracting — inaccurately quoted , ARA, 2017
Business economics hints on instant messaging, ARA, 2015
On savings banks, 20 minutos, 2010
First day of Business Economics for IBE students, La Vanguardia, 2009
Predicting football knock-out ties (2), Evenimentul zilei, 2007
Predicting football knock-out ties (1), Cotidianul, 2007

Some of my favorite videos on how the brain works

Don’t eat the marshmallow yet [on postponing gratification]
Moral roots of liberals and conservatives
Steven Pinker’s contributions [various talks]
How does my brain work? [various talks]
Are we born to run?
The uniqueness of humans
The evolution of compassion

Management and economics blogs/sites I often visit

Organizations and Markets (discontinued)
Marginal Revolution
Managerial Econ
Project Syndicate
HLS Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation
Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics
Heterodox Academy
HBR Blog Network
Mises Institute
Cafe Hayek
The Sports Economist

Writing style

Style: Toward Clarity and Grace
The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century
Chicago Manual of Style
Economist Style Guide

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